Our application is a smart navigator which builds the most interesting route in every part of the world

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How it works?

How it works?


After you select your starting point and your destination we find the shortest route using real time information in order to make sure you reach your destination without unnecessary delay.


Then we analyse posts on various social sites that are located close to your optimal route including Instagram, twitter etc. On top of that we include real time information including season, weather and the time of day.


Through our algorithm we then rate every post. For example the beauty of pictures, the mood of comments, the number of likes and the ratings on social sights. Like that we can analyse the popularity and nature of a location.


According to our rating and your personal preferences and taste we build your personal route: A route that doesn’t only bring you quickly to your destination, but that also makes sure you miss nothing on the way.


Great features you'll love

Set your own preferences

Each user has its own profile where most prefered to see places can be chosen. It can be architecture, nature, museums, churches, views etc. Depending on the user's preference different routes will have highest priority throught the whole possibe.

Select route you like

After departure and destination are chosen and button "Build" is pressed application will provide several different options of routes. Each route has different number of places, distance and time.

Change your route as you want

Chosen route can be changed by user. Every place in route can be deleted and information about the route will be automatically updated.

Get info about the places

Each place has its own description, name, address, recommendation of visit time and rating that was given by other users of the application.

Give & Get recommendations

Application has its own rating system and each user can be part of it. After visiting a place user will be able to rate it. Also user can mark chosen route after the trip.

Share your routes

All user's routes are stored in their profiles where they can be rated and shered. Social sites can be entered in user's profile.

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Questions and Answers

How is BeTrip different from other navigators and other sighs searching applications?

BeTrip is both. We build a route using social sites, what automatically means that we ask people's opinion about the places. We consider date, mood, commets number of each post and many more parameters including your own preferences.

Which devices can I use?

We have applications for IOS(6 and above) and Android(4.0 and up). You can also use BeTrip's web version. You can log in to BeTrip from as many of your devices as you like — all at the same time. Just use your account to log in everywhere.

How can I know how many days from my subscription left?

You can find it in your profile which you can find in the main menu. There you can also renew your account by pressing "Pay" button.

Am I able to print my route and take it as helper with me?

Yes, after building all possible routes application will give you possibility to navigate throught one of them or print them.

If you analyze social sites don't you think that a lot of people can like also bad picture e.g. road pit?

We have difficult system of estimation which includes many parameters. That is one of the reason we estimate beauty of picture and mood of comments.

In which country can I use your app?

You can use our app everywhere. If there were post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. we will find for you an interesting route.